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Thrilled for Matter to be amongst the first six Benefit Corporations in Louisiana!

In my book this is better than Christmas morning! Yesterday, August 1, 2012 – Matter joined five other companies to field trip over to Baton Rouge with two representatives from B-Lab [visiting from Philly & NYC, thank you!], Propeller, & the New Orleans Business Alliance!

Congrats to Rouler, Unicorn Booty, Future Proof, & Casa Borrega for being the first Benefit Corporations in the state of Louisiana – Matter is honored to be in your company!

We hit the highway early in the morning in order to be part of a press conference at the capital with Walt Leger & Tom Schedler, Secretary of State. I met up w/ my amigos Wes & Brian of Rouler to carpool in the new roulermobile, it was a real treat to hang with them & our fellow B-Corp buddies yesterday : )

Louisiana is the 9th state to pass Benefit Corporations in the nation! I am so energized by the new and good things ahead. Check the article here by Silicon Bayou News on B-Corps & impact investors. And here on the Benefit Corporation website to learn more about why they matter!

And the biggest thanks to PropellerNew Orleans Business Alliance w/ a special shout out to Joe Luchenta who instigated this great idea, B-LAB, House Representative Walt Leger, Mayor Landrieu, Tom Schedler secretary of state & to all of the law firms who made this possible! Thank you Baker Donelson & Fishman Haygood of New Orleans, very honored to be a part of this!

If you’re curious, here are the major reasons that I wanted Matter to become a B-Corp:  1.Will help us best define and report on our environmental and social impacts, 2. Reinforce and protect our triple bottom line efforts, 3. Stand out in a dense marketplace as a sustainably & socially driven company, and 4. Be more attractive to impact investors.

Laissez le BON temps roulez : )


4 comments on “Thrilled for Matter to be amongst the first six Benefit Corporations in Louisiana!

  1. Kevin Farrell

    You go girl. Woot!

    • tt

      Woot right back atcha, congrats! : )

  2. tbg design


    • tt

      Thank you : ) : )

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