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BirdProject is featured in People Magazine + Treehugger + GO NOLA’s holiday gift guides!

So thrilled! Thank you to our good friends at Daily Grommet  for making this feature in ‘People’ happen! And thank you to Nikki Carter for sharing her copy of ‘People’, I couldn’t find a single issue in town. And another thank you to Nikki for including our dear Birdies in her local New Orleans holiday gift picks!

People Magazine

I am also thrilled to be included in treehugger’s holiday gift guide for animal lover’s! I love this line from the writeup: “Swap the novelty bar for BirdProject Soap‘s black and white birds with a story.” Birds with a story, I like the sound of that.


Another new, wonderful thing is that I’m now working in the civic center space in the Bywater, it is such a treat to be surrounded by such talented people & to share such a lovely space. New Orleans really feels like a special place at a special time, I’ve been reminded of how I felt when I first moved here [two years ago] lately. Like I’d bumped into Hemingway in Paris or Basquiat in New York in their glowing eras. For me, it’s an inspiring blend of social entrepreneurship, the many passionate and talented people, the enjoyment of life and good work, the magic city. I feel so lucky to have found the people and things that I have found here.


Really getting excited for the new year ahead as well, we will be rolling out some new goods – woot! xo’s from nola~


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